Double Bubble Double Side
Single Bubble Double Side


McFoil Ultra is a revolutionary type of industrial, commercial and general purpose insulation material manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in desigjn and manufacture. It has vapor barrier, air infiltration barrier and powerfull insulation all in one.

It's a unique composite design consists of layer of Polythylene air bubble pockets, surrounded by a thin layer of reflective aluminium foil that is inorganic, water-resistance, puncture resistance, termite and fungus-resistance, non-allergic and inhospitable to nesting rodents.

McFoil Ultra is easy,to install It's thin, pliable, lightweight design specially suited for industrial & domestic thermal insulation applications. McFoil Ultra offers increased energy efficiency over traditional insulation products. It is safe and there are no protective masks, gloves or safety glasses required in installation.


Some of the many uses of McFoil Ultra

  • In Commercial Buildings
  • As Duct Wrap
  • In Industrial Buildings
  • In Warehouses
  • In Residential Buildings
  • In Agricultural Buildings/Poultry Farms