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Thermal Comfort is now a widely accepted norm in building design and construction. So much so, that whatever the type of building envisaged, optimal maintenance of thermal comfort to living creatures is a predominant consideration. This is because it brings with it not just a sense of well being, but significantly promotes Productivity in the work place as well as in Industry. The importance of thermal comfort is now more predominant than before, due to global warming.

Reflective Insulation, therefore, offer a ready made solution, by combining a reflective foil surface with a closed cell foam heat barrier, that provides an excellent 'thermo-reflective medium' consistently outperforming traditional fibre-based products.

Reflective Thermal Barriers typically has 'E' values of 0.03, which makes it superior to other (absorptive) types of insulation. It is also most effective when the reflective medium is placed adjacent to an airspace, in installation.

McFoil is manufactured locally by laminating thermally expanded Low Density Polyethylene, in sheet form with Aluminum or Metalized Foil. It is water resistant and non hazardous and can be supplied in colours, single or double sided lamination and with flame retardants.

McFoil is certified as an energy saving insulation product by NERD.